How to Get the Best AU to Cebu Flights

In the next few months, VA Platinum will celebrate not one, but three great milestones…

On August 17, we’ll celebrate reaching 100 staff and enjoy our annual summer outing;

30th October is our 2nd-year Anniversary dinner;

14th December is our Christmas/End of the Year party!

These are great opportunities to fly to Cebu and meet the staff.

As I’ve mentioned in a few of my blogs, it is ideal that you meet your staff within the first 18 months. This way you can experience working alongside them and get a chance to know them in person.

If you’re looking to hire amazing virtual assistants and want to get to know how some of my staff work, you’re welcome to join us and experience how fun Cebuano parties are.

I’m happy to travel together. However, in case our flight schedules vary, I’m sharing with you what I learnt about getting the best flights possible to Cebu from Australia.

I’ve been a happy crash-test dummy and tried every flight, route and airline available just so I can give you my personal experience with them and some helpful tips!

Cathay Pacific via Hongkong

This is my personal favourite.

I know that it sounds a bit strange to book a flight to Hongkong when your destination in Cebu, but I find that it has the shortest flight duration (7 hours) and most reliable service. From Hongkong, it’s a 2-hour flight to Cebu.

Cathay Pacific offers nighttime flights so be prepared. Use your points and upgrade from premium economy to business for the longer leg flight from  Australia to Hong Kong, and vice versa.

Philippine Airlines (PAL)

This is the next best option on my list.

Philippine Airlines give reliable service, but not as good as  Cathay Pacific.

It flies from Melbourne to Manila (9 hours) and then takes off from Manila to Cebu (2 hours).

It also has a longer layover in Manila, with anywhere between 3 and a half to 6 and a half hours.

Singapore Airlines

I like Singapore Airlines as much as PAL.

Flight duration from Tullamarine Airport to Mactan-Cebu International Airport via Changi Airport on Singapore Airlines is about 8 hours. The flight from Singapore to Cebu is 4 hours.

The layover time in Singapore is as long as in Manila with PAL.

They have codeshare destinations with Silk Air, so that’s something you might check too.

Cebu Pacific

My last and least favourite is Cebu Pacific. Based on experience, they are the least reliable.

I have discovered that on every single flight, my bags have been opened or checked by someone else and not by security.

They advertise that they fly directly from either Sydney or Melbourne to Cebu, but in reality, you still have to go through Manila.

There’s usually a really long overnight layover time in Manila.

Ironically, Cebu Pacific takes the longest amount of travel time to get to Cebu.

I’m not saying they’re the worst airline of all. I am just ranking them lower than the first three I mentioned based on what I’ve experienced so far.

After all, Cebu Pacific is the lowest cost carrier among the four I’ve named.

There are other low-cost carriers that you can try. You can even choose to book flights with different airlines to customise your travelling.

Some people do this to buy time and spend it on touring other cities before Cebu. It’s not an easy option because it takes harder work, but if maximising your travel is your priority, then you’ll be alright.

I hope you find my personal notes on getting the best Australia to Cebu flights helpful!

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