9 Incredible Ways to Reward Your Staff

Do you remember the last time someone praised you for doing a good job? Remember how motivating and energizing that was? If I close my eyes right now and recall every compliment I received, I [...]

5 Ways to Communicate with Your Virtual Staff

Communication is everything –, especially for a virtual workplace. It is literally the lifeline and foundation of any business operation that uses offshore staff. In an office-based setting, [...]

Is Your Business Safe from Privacy & Data Breach?

As the cost of running a financial services business in Australia increase and ASIC place heavier compliance obligations on businesses, there are very few options to save money while improving [...]

5 Questions to Ask a Virtual Assistant During an Interview

What should you ask a prospect staff before hiring one? More financial planners, mortgage brokers and financial advisers are adapting to better business practices with the help of virtual [...]

7 Mistakes Business Owners Commit When Working With Virtual Assistants

First, congratulations for dabbling into the world of offshoring! Whether or not you came to VA Platinum to get your virtual assistant for financial planning, virtual assistant for mortgage [...]

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