Cebu City is the capital of the island of Cebu, the richest province in the Philippines.

Our office is in the heart of Cebu I.T. Park, a major business district, alongside large companies like Telstra, QBE, Google, and JP Morgan.

Why Cebu City? 

Cebu City offers the best of many worlds. Not only is it a major global hub for business, education, tourism, and culture, it’s a role-model outsourcing hub in the country. It’s the perfect blend of modern infrastructure and lower living costs. All these combined with an educated, multilingual workforce make the city a major player in the outsourcing industry.

As the oldest city in the Philippines, Cebu is home to some of the country’s best and most established universities. Many from neighbouring islands choose Cebu to build and develop their education and career. In combination with Cebuanos, the city’s population offers a diverse talent pool that is every businessman/woman looking to have a growing and sustainable business’ dream.

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