We manage your staff together. The staff are hired specifically for your business and are effectively your staff. You manage the work your staff does for you. Our role at VA Platinum is to create a work environment and culture where your staff can thrive. We manage the day-to-day HR, such as paying salaries, sick leave, and annual leave. Our relationship managers do coaching calls with you and your staff to ensure everyone’s needs are met and challenges have a clear action plan. 

Role-specific training is best performed by you as you are the expert in your business. To help, we offer a range of services to support training and development. We deliver onboarding training and provide a comprehensive knowledge base with 700+ systems, templates, and a glossary of terms.

Your team members will be added to knowledge groups for their specific role and can be seated in an area with other staff using the same software and performing similar tasks. This gives them access to other experienced staff and promotes knowledge-sharing.

We can also organise for your team member to shadow other experienced staff for as many hours as you like. Video calls and video sharing come in handy for this purpose for staff working from home during the pandemic. We also provide optional coaching for you and your staff.

If an employee resigns, we will work closely with you to select a new staff member and support you during the transition. We make the transition easy before any resignation happens by training staff to document processes and systems throughout their time in VAP. These videos and documents function to help new staff be brought up to speed with little interruption to your business in the event of a resignation.

We assign your staff an Australian phone number for you to ring, as well as emails, and video conferencing tools like Teams, Google Hangouts, Skype, and Zoom to facilitate smooth communication.

Your staff has an assigned Team Leader (also called Success Manager or SM). The Team Leader is your number one point of contact regarding any issues or concerns. Watch the video below for a better understanding of how our Team Leaders can help you with staff management.

Like your staff in Australia, your VA/s are entitled to sick leaves. We help you manage their sick leave allocation and provide health insurance to help keep them healthy and productive.

We require all staff to notify us when they are sick and can’t make it to work. The Team Leader/Success Manager assigned to your staff will notify you immediately.