Yes. Simply click on the Xero invoice link and choose online payment. There is a charge of 1.79% for credit card payments.

Currently, we’re not able to do a regular direct debit due to Westpac’s strict guidelines for offshore businesses.


We’re continually looking for other options and we may be rolling out a different invoicing structure to allow for this feature, but it may not happen sooner as we need to test it out too. We’ll update you as soon as we have this feature available.


As a work-around for now, you may opt to set-up fixed auto-payments on your end. You may set-up a monthly payment of <$2,711.50; input total amount based on most recent exchange rate> (inclusive of GST) which is based on staff’s cost at the current exchange rate of <₱32> per AUD$1.


You will then receive a separate reminder from us via email for any additional cost on the invoice (i.e. gifts/bonuses, variance increase if the Philippine peso goes down, etc.) and any overpayment will be adjusted on the next invoice accordingly.