For the first step, a free online consultation with an in-house consultant will help you assess the type of VA that best suits you and your business, and they will answer any other inquiries you may have. It's great to be able to identify your business stumbling blocks and how our VA can help you move forward.


Once you have decided to get a VA, a commitment (or recruitment) bond will be required from you, which is offset against the first monthly bill for your VA. our bespoke Recruitment Team will then proceed with the recruitment process which includes sourcing, interviewing and endorsing potential candidates.


Get to know the shortlisted candidates. Exercise your freedom to choose the best aspiring VA that relates to your business values and culture by interviewing them with our recruiter.


Now that you've chosen your VA, their first day will be a New Hire Orientation. Their second day will mark their journey into working as part of your team.