The cost of a VA depends on:

  • Whether they are a General VA or a Specialised VA
  • Work arrangement (full time or part time)
  • Level of skill and role

General VA rate is based on the standard salary package.

Specialised VAs (i.e., bookkeeper, paraplanner, stack developer, etc.) are priced differently and the final cost is determined based on the required skills for the role (includes the expected salary and work experience).

Full time staff will render 7.5 work hours per week day. The monthly fixed fee is based on ₱33-₱39.99 exchange rate. If the exchange rate increases to ₱40 above, the cost would decrease by $150; if it decreases to ₱32.99 below, the cost would increase by $150.

Part-Time rate will be computed based on staff work hours.

COST (in AUD) + GST:

$2,500/mth (full-time VA for mortgage broking)
$2,400/mth (full-time VA for all other industries)
$15-$16/hr (part-time VA)

Pricing Model

Based on a flat fee plus exchange rate variance. This means we set a benchmark fee that covers the staff base wage, staff additional benefits, and operational/overhead costs, while the exchange rate variance allows us to retain the same level of profit regardless of the increase or decrease of the exchange rate.

For example, a staff with a base wage of Php 27,000 has a flat fee of AUD$2,285.00 plus GST. This is based on our benchmark exchange rate of AUD$1.00 to PHP38.00.

We only require a commitment bond of AUD$500 plus GST / USD$400 charged upon you when you sign your offshore service agreement. This represents your commitment to us and our commitment to you to go through the recruitment process, which includes advertising, interviewing, and allocating staff. This fee is NOT an additional cost. It will be reimbursed to you when your employee starts.

Yes. Following the PH labor law’s Conditions of Employment, every employee shall be paid a night shift differential of not less than ten percent (10%) of his regular wage for each hour of work performed between ten o’clock in the evening and six o’clock in the morning (Book III, Chapter I, Art. 86).

This means an additional cost of the VA’s regular hourly rate plus 10% of VA’s hourly rate for the night differential (ND) premium. Please see the sample calculation below which is based on regular staff salary of PH₱25,000/month or AUD$657.89 at exchange rate of PH₱34 per AUD$1.

For this illustration, we are using 5am as the VA’s start of shift which means 1 hour of night differential (ND) hours (5am to 6am).

Daily Rate = (Base Salary x 12 months) / 261 work days in a year
$30.25 = ($657.89 x 12) / 261

Night Differential Pay = [(Daily Rate / 8hrs) x ND Hours] + 10% Premium
$4.16 per hour = [($30.25 / 8) x 1] + 10%

There is no specific cost around DST unless the staff’s start of shift is set between 10 pm – 5:59 am where night differential applies.