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Our Superstars' New Home

6th floor, Avenir Bldg.


These spaces are all yours. "After" shots are coming soon!


Near Cebu City's major business districts, government institutions, and commercial establishments.

10-minute walk (400 M) away from Cebu IT Park

5-minute walk (280 M) away from Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino

12-minute walk (1 Km) away from Cebu Business Park


Aside from your complimentary daily breakfast, our food caterer can provide you with lunch for a fee. A food cart will be set up around the office, allowing you to choose your lunch for the day.

There's a small pop-up cafe in the lobby called Delish Deli that serves a variety of light snacks to heavy meals.

Carenderias, restaurants, and cafes are scattered outside around Avenir.

Avenir has an in-house parking area with security cameras and guards. You can park your vehicles for the first 3 hours for a fee:

  • Cars - P20
  • Motorcycles - P10

After that, an additional P5 for each extra hour.

You can ride jeepneys as follows: 62C, 62B, 04L, 04M, 13C, 13B, etc. Please note that there may be instances when you will have to walk for a few minutes from the stops, especially when you ride buses and vans route to IT Park.

  • Exclusive floor
  • Bigger space
  • Wide workstations
  • Fun employee lounge
  • Food and coffee vendos + toiletries vendo
Considering that Avenir building is an office/residential building, all unit owners, tenants, occupants and all their employees shall always be properly and decently attired when inside the building. The following are not allowed:

  • Sleeveless Shirts/Blouses
  • Mini Skirt/Shorts
  • Slippers
You can't smoke within and around the building. But if you get out of the Avenir's left door, in front of Delish Deli, you can smoke across the building.

Copyright ©2020 VA Platinum Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.

Copyright ©2020 VA Platinum Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.