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4 Life Lessons From My Filipino Virtual Assistants

I have been working with Filipino virtual assistants since 2014. The benefits of getting virtual assistants are life-changing. Not only for your business, but you also get a fresh and different perspective by getting to know and understand your offshore staff. Although you are thousands of kilometres away, expect the best from your virtual assistants…
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5 Reasons Why your Real Estate Business Needs a Virtual Assistant_VA Platinum

5 Reasons Why Your Real Estate Business Needs a Virtual Assistant

If you are a Real Estate agent, TIME is your most valuable asset. Most of the key performance tasks in your business are dependent on time and your competitive edge should be that you are one step ahead of the competition. Real estate agents, with a customer interfacing role, are just one part of an…
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Why I Hate the Word “Management”

I hate the word management. There’s bureaucracy and hierarchy attached to it. “Management” makes staff intimidated and it affects the way they engage with you. This might sound like hocus pocus, but I’m serious. In the Philippines, “management” is not seen as approachable in many instances. It takes enormous effort to create a culture where…
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