Digital Marketing Services


✓ Creating surveys and generating results

✓ Generating User Activity Reports via Facebook Analytics

✓ Discover Website Bounce Rate via Google Analytics

✓ Generate Subscription Activity via Mailchimp

✓ Conduct SEO Keyword Search

✓ Measuring Keyword Performance Digital Marketing Analysis


✓ Creating a new list on Mailchimp

✓ Adding and removing subscribers from lists

✓ Creating and scheduling Broadcast Emails to promote content

✓ Editing follow-up emails and auto responders

✓ Creating email newsletters

✓ Creating sign up forms

✓ Editing and proofreading emails


✓ Creating social media accounts and business pages on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter

✓ Scheduling: Creating and managing social media posts

✓ Engagement: Managing post comments and messages

✓ Answer inquiries and messages on all channels and profiles

✓ Upload videos on YouTube


✓ Video editing

✓ Video production (customised per channel: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube)

✓ Photo sourcing and editing

✓ Online surveys and forms

✓ Infographics

✓ Creation of Brand Guidelines


✓ Domain registration

✓ Web Hosting set-up

✓ WordPress or Squarespace set-up

✓ Website design

✓ Admin handover training


✓ Basic website fixes for WordPress and Squarespace (no coding)

✓ Add/remove webpage pages or update fonts

✓ Add/remove basic widgets and plugins

✓ Add/remove photos, images, blog posts, downloadable documents

✓ Add/remove pages, menus, hyperlinks

e-Commerce services

Customer Service

Order Processing


Manage Inventory

Website Maintenance

Social Media Management

Our Specialists

Karina Schulz

Relationship Manager

Karina travels around the world and is able to do so with the help of virtual assistants. She believes you, too, can activate your business and be the best that you can be with your own virtual staff.

Brian Jones

Virtual Staff Expert | Work & Life Balance Enthusiast

Brian’s mission is to give back freedom to business owners with the help of superstar virtual staff in the Philippines.

Happy Clients
Superstar Staff
Systems & Documents
  • "Offshoring had sounded like a good idea for some time, but where to start? I'd put off any real consideration for years before I became a client of VA Platinum. At the time, I felt I was taking a leap of faith in Brian, through previous business dealings he'd earned some trust, so I was willing to 'give it a go'. Since that day I have never looked back...."

    Ryan Gillespie
    Ryan Gillespie Senior Adviser & Director at Rocket Financial
  • "I've been working with Brian and VA Platinum as a client of his Philippines offshore staff... the virtual assistant he has provided me has been a wonderful addition to my team and I am consistently blown away by their professionalism and work ethic."

    Lincoln Haugh
    Lincoln Haugh Founder & CEO at H2T Financial Services
  • "...You quickly get a sense of a positive environment and a hard-working team at VA Platinum. Brian has built great rapport with the staff. I have been very happy with the output to date."

    Harley West
    Harley West CEO at Spotter Financial (owned by Rate Detective)

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