We believe that having the right people to work with you makes a lot of difference in the quality of service you get. Here at VA Platinum, we have amazing employees who are motivated to do more. Meet some of our amazing staff.



Meet Niel!

Niel is a Mortgage Broking Virtual Assistant for Get Smart Financial

Meet Yel!

Yel is a Financial Planning Virtual Assistant under Rocket Financial.

Meet Honey!

Honey is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant for Spark Property Solutions

Meet Bree!

Bree is a Mortgage Broking Virtual Assistant for Finwell Lending.

Meet Benson!

Benson is a Financial Planning Admin Support for Lifelong Insurance Solutions

Meet Krizia!

Meet Krizia, our Financial Planning Team Lead from MAFD!

Meet Mae!

Mae is an Audit & Compliance Officer for Spotter Finance.

Meet John!

John is a Client Services Officer from Rocket Financial.



Meet Vince!

Vince is our in-house Lending Concierge.

Meet Lani!

Lani is a Mortgage Broking Virtual Assistant under Toro Support.