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Exclusive Mentorship Program

Your Mortgage Broking VAs will be mentored by leading Mortgage Broking expert, Luke Mellar.



Luke Mellar

Like most brokers, I started off on the ‘dark side’, working as a commercial and residential lender in the bank world for 8 years. After finishing my Commerce degree at the University of Melbourne, I leapt into the broking world and haven’t looked back since. I spent the next 5 years as an award-winning broker across a few businesses and was heavily involved in setting up and managing the back-office process for these brokerages.

Although I’m no longer a broker, I love my role as a Broker Relationship Manager now because I get to see how brokers work, learn from their way of doing things and draw on my experience to shape a more efficient process. I’m also really proud and passionate about the VAs we look after because I think they’re just about the best trained support staff in the broking industry (thanks Vince!) and they love their jobs almost as much as they love embarrassing me at karaoke.

Get in touch with me on 03 9068 9553 or if you want to discuss how VA Platinum can help support your brokerage.



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Well-rounded Support

A training concierge stays with your staff to provide immediate assistance and offer subject matter expertise.



I worked for Telstra as a Subject Matter Expert for 3 years where I helped train, mentor and guide new consultants.

I was promoted to Team Leader where I handled my own team in the complaints resolution centre. I led and guided my members to realise their full potential and my team was consistently recognised as one of the top performing teams in the company.

It was a big leap for me to jump from a call centre into the Mortgage Broking world but I always loved learning new things and I have been able to learn a lot working under Luke’s guidance. Being a Subject Matter Expert and Team Leader for the last 4 years previously allowed me to see communication, knowledge and skill gaps that should be addressed immediately as a Lending Concierge. I find ways to help VAs deliver their tasks more efficiently and create a positive work environment where I’m just a tap on a shoulder away to help them with their tasks.

Feel free to get in touch with me on 03 9008 4259 or anytime.



Process Support






Your staff can identify the required information and documents and gather these from your client. This includes completing Fact Finds, Needs Analyses and conducting up-front credit checks.


Upon receipt of the required documents, your staff will review and evaluate it to ensure the documents are accurate, valid and meet standard lender requirements before loading all data into your CRM. They can also be trained to analyse & interpret income documents and extract living expenses from bank statements.




They will conduct credit policy research and scenarios, complete servicing calculators, lodge pricing requests and order up-front valuations, assisting you with preparing suitable loan options for your advice meeting.


After your advice meeting with the client, your staff will package the application, complete ApplyOnline, identify outstanding supporting documents and generate all necessary NCCP documents for your review to send to the clients. Staff can then follow up clients as needed before submitting the loan and supporting documents to the lender.




After submission, your staff can proactively push the file towards settlement. This includes managing the discharge process, addressing further information requests with the client, coordinating and checking loan documents, liaising with the client’s solicitor, facilitating onboarding services and proactively managing the client’s shortfall/surplus of funds required for settlement.


Once your client’s loan settles, your staff can conduct a file compliance check and set the client up for appropriate marketing communications on an ongoing basis. Staff can also set tasks for post settlement follow ups, referral campaigns, loan review offers and fixed/interest only expiry reminders.





Having your own exclusive Virtual Assistant (‘VA’) through VA Platinum is an effective way for brokerages of any size to grow their business.  Train your VA to support you in whatever aspect of your business you need help with:

  • Manage your calendar and emails
  • Maintain your social media accounts
  • Assist with business development and prospecting
  • Perform file compliance checks & post-settlement relationship management
  • Pre-submission support – data entry, pricing requests, valuations, credit policy research
  • Loans processing – preparing, submitting, tracking and driving applications to settlement



Training & learning


We have developed a structured 1-week training program for all VA inductees. This program, developed by an ex-broker with brokers in mind, is delivered face to face and regularly updated to reflect the current issues facing inbound application quality with lenders. Your VA will be given training on your aggregator platform and will come to you with a detailed understanding of the lending process and industry in general.

Ongoing, VAs have access to an abundance of learning resources – detailed process guides, screen-recorded video training, phone recordings of common bank follow up scenarios, acronym/jargon guides and a growing library of technical credit training materials.

We have partnered with a leading Australian Registered Training Organisation to deliver Certificate IV Finance & Mortgage broking courses to VAs under an intensive 2-week face to face course. These courses are held periodically at our office and we have access to discounted course fees.


Workplace culture & attitude


We are proud of the collaborative and high-performance culture ingrained in the VA Platinum ethos. Your VA works alongside a group of experienced mortgage broking VAs who share, teach and learn from each other. All VAs have access to an ‘ask anything’ online collaboration space where VAs can get instant answers & support from their peers when faced with complex tasks – Australian ex-brokers also moderate and contribute to this forum.

VAs are integrated into the VA Platinum culture. Our staff quickly learn to align themselves with the end client’s interest, fighting to get the best outcome for them. Our VAs are trained that when a lender says ‘No’, it’s not really a ‘No’, it’s a challenge – I bet you don’t have the hustle to turn this into a ‘Yes’.


Staff benefits


“Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” -Sir Richard Branson

Our employees are the most important part of our business. We expect hard work and high performance, so we reward them with some of the best staff perks available:

  • Nutritious hot breakfast provided daily
  • 10 paid annual leave days and paid Christmas & New Year break
  • 13th month pay, SSS, Pag-IBIG, & PhilHealth contributions
  • HMO Coverage – group private health insurance policy to cover all staff
  • Pay increase after 6 months
  • Office library, staff relaxation room, unlimited coffee, relaxed dress code




Meet Some Superstar Mortgage Broking Staff...



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