Security at VA Platinum

We know that security of client data and business information is of paramount importance. Here at VA Platinum we offer comprehensive security measures including building security guards, CCTV, fingerprint access, no electronic devices on desks, and software that limits staff access to data as required. We also have full time management staff who oversee each office and all staff members.

We take our responsibility to protect your business information very seriously.


Here’s Brian, taking us around our building’s security measures. 



We provide a work environment where security is highly prioritised. 





Building Security & CCTV
Both office buildings have security officers who are guarding all entry and exit points in the building. There are numerous CCTVs installed in the offices and throughout the entire buildings.

Information Security
We have full-time staff on site such as an office manager, team leader and trainer that manage and monitor the staff to ensure no paper, pens or electronic devices are brought into the office.


Fingerprint locks
Only authorized personnel and staff are allowed in the working area.

We use software that allows you to provide your staff access to data on a need-to-know basis and gives you the option to revoke access at any given time.




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