The time period in the headings below represents the amount of time it takes a new team member to master the role.

    Web Development (3-4 weeks)

    • Support and Develop WordPress Websites
    • Install WordPress Plugins and Themes
    • WordPress Theme Customization
    • WordPress Functionality and Plugin Enhancement
    • Site Maintenance / Security and Troubleshooting
    • CRM Integration & Social Media Integration
    • Payment Gateway Integration
    • Blog Posting
    • Website Statistic Tracking

    General Admin Work (2 months)

    • Manage incoming emails, mail, faxes & message bank.
    • Sales support, (e.g. Assist with client appointment booking, research into the client, recommendations, quoting, processing, filing and preparing client documents).
    • Liaising with fund managers, administrators and life companies regarding client affairs.
    • Client service e.g. attends to client query and request.
    • Maintenance of client databases and creation of files.
    • Assist with management reporting on a monthly basis or as required.
    • Processing applications, renewals or changes to existing client records.
    • Ensuring regulatory compliance.
    • Data Entry.

    Reception (3 weeks)

    • Managing incoming calls and customer service inquiries.
    • Generating sales leads that develop into new customers.
    • Attracts potential customers by answering product and service questions; suggesting information about other products and services.
    • Identifying and assessing customers’ needs to achieve satisfaction.
    • Build sustainable relationships and trust with customer accounts through open and interactive communication.
    • Provide accurate, valid and complete information by using the right methods/tools.
    • Handle customer complaints, provide appropriate solutions and alternatives within the time limits; follow up to ensure resolution.
    • Keep records of customer interactions, process customer accounts and file documents.
    • Follow communication procedures, guidelines and policies.

    Paraplanner (2 months – must have mastered general admin as a prerequisite)

    • Update client paper and electronic files, ensuring that they are compliant.
    • Completing, checking, submitting and processing the necessary application forms.
    • Prepare basic SoA’s such as life insurance only and superannuation rollovers. For strategy based SoA’s we can establish a relationship for you with specialised SoA paraplanners.
    • Prepare Record of Advice documents.
    • Enter client data into financial planning software.
    • Liaising with fund managers, administrators and life companies regarding client’s financial
    • Completing fact find documents.
    • Assist with research into client recommendations.
    • Monitoring stationary, ensuring always sufficient supply and not out of date.
  • SMSF’s

    SMSF’s (2 months – must have mastered general admin as a prerequisite) 

    Advice Prep

    • Call existing super funds to collect any required information.
    • Prepare the SoA and rollover paperwork.
    • Enter the information into ClearDocs to prepare the required documentation (trust deed, binding
      nominations, etc.).
    • Collate the documentation, review it for accuracy, provide to adviser or client via soft copy.
    • Perhaps prepare the investment strategy using the client’s Risk Profile.


    • Standard rollover and insurance processes.
    • Implement required trades etc.
    • Provide updates to other advisers as necessary.
    • Email compliance information (trustee responsibilities, etc., maybe a video from the adviser explaining SMSFs).


    • Portfolio reviews (collect data, track to Investment Strategy and Risk Profile).
    • Insurance reviews.
    • Contribution tracking (if using a CMA, the adviser has visibility over).
    • Providing information to administrator/accountant as required.

    Underwriting (2 months – must have mastered general admin as a prerequisite)

    • Sales support, e.g. contacting clients for outstanding underwriting or admin requirements, contacting insurers when changes need to be done on the application (name incorrectly spelled, DOB, address, etc.), making sure policies go in to force as soon as possible.
    • Ensure regulatory compliance of Sales Paraplanners and Advisers.
    • Review and submit the application.
    • Verify all documents are completed/signed fully and correctly.
    • Client appointment scheduling.
    • Manage medical requirements.
    • Organize/follow up on any outstanding requirements (e.g. financial documents, superfund details, rollover forms) if applicable.

    Finance Support (1 month)

    • Process and prepare financial and business forms for the purpose of checking account balances.
    • Perform routine calculations to produce analyses and reports.
    • Create, send, and follow up on invoices.
    • Review and adhere to department budgets.
    • Collect and enter data for various financial spreadsheets.
    • Review and audit financial statements and reports, ensure all calculations and data entries are correct.
    • Reconcile any discrepancies or errors identified by conversing with clients.
    • Assist in creating financial reports on a regular basis.
    • Adhere to the company’s or organization’s financial policies and procedures.
    • Answers questions and provide assistance to customers and clients as needed.
    • Suggest changes or improvements to increase accuracy, efficiency, and cost reductions.

    Mortgage Support (6 weeks)

    • Responsible for responding to written and phone inquiries from members, possibly title companies, and internal personnel regarding loans.
    • Answer questions pertaining to loan servicing including payment research, taxes, insurance, payoffs, adjustable rate loans.
    • Maintain completed mortgage files after funding.
    • Work with Support Services to ensure payments are posted correctly and provide support.
    • Maintain, manage and track all pending/outstanding loan documents and exceptions.
    • Perform administrative tasks to support the mortgage department.

    Insurance Broking Support (3 months)

    • Ensure that your clients understand the terms and the extent of the cover provided in line with industry regulations.
    • Foresee your clients’ insurance needs, such as policy amendments.
    • Manage client’s lapse payments and dishonour status. Reminding clients on their payment due.
    • Advise your clients on whether and when they need to make a claim on their policies.
    • Build and maintain ongoing relationships with your clients.
    • Lead generation, acquiring new clients and win accounts against competitors.
    • Keep detailed records and complete administrative tasks such as paperwork and correspondence.
    • Keep up with changes in the insurance market and in your clients’ industries.

    Quality Assurance (1 month)

    • Draft quality assurance policies and procedures.
    • Interpret and implement quality assurance standards.
    • Evaluate the adequacy of quality assurance standards.
    • Devise sampling procedures and directions for recording and reporting quality data.
    • Review the implementation and efficiency of quality and inspection systems.
    • Plan, conduct and monitor testing and inspection of materials and products to ensure finished product quality.
    • Document internal audits and other quality assurance activities.
    • Investigate customer complaints and non-conformance issues.
    • Collect and compile statistical quality data.
    • Analyze data to identify areas for improvement in the quality system.
    • Develop, recommend and monitor corrective and preventive actions.
    • Prepare reports to communicate outcomes of quality activities.
    • Identify training needs and organize training interventions to meet quality standards.
    • Evaluate audit findings and implement appropriate corrective actions.
    • Monitor risk management activities
    • Responsible for document management systems.
    • Assure ongoing compliance with quality and industry regulatory requirements.

    Retention (2 months – must have mastered general admin as a prerequisite)

    Insurance Retention
    Manage dishonour/overdue notices and assist with payment setups

    • Verify status with the insurer and liaise with clients regarding the dishonour/overdue notice and arrange alternative payment details if needed.
    • Assist clients in setting up or updating Direct Debit Requests (DDR).

    Oversee credit card expiry

    • Keep track of the credit card expiry date and ensure details are updated by the first Monday of the month of expiry.

    Annual policy reviews

    • Prepare the list of policies renewing a month in advance.
    • Update renewal figures.
    • Send clients the review offer email.
    • Identify possible opportunities which include generating and providing a market comparison to the client.
    • Set review appointments with the adviser.
    • Process administrative tasks for post-review appointments.

    Ongoing Service Package

    • Proactively maintain contact with enrolled clients at varying stages throughout the year. Sending emails about claims awareness, birthday greeting, and other issues that might concern them and their insurances.

    General Client Retention

    • Respond to client queries via email and call in a timely manner.
    • Check websites for online notifications such as AMP & OnePath.
    • Probing when client requests for cancellation -> maybe policy can be reduced instead of cancelled or switched to another provider & offer to set an appointment with the adviser for review.

    Sales Campaigns.

    • Call clients offering policies they do not have such as trauma insurance or income protection.

    Financial Planning Retention
    Ongoing Service Package

    • Proactively maintain contact with enrolled clients at varying stages throughout the year. Sending emails about claims awareness, birthday greeting, and other issues that might concern them and their investments and superannuation.
    • Contact clients before 30 June each year to discuss superannuation contribution options.
    • Activate clients that have been dormant for some time.

    Mortgage Retention
    Ongoing Service Package

    • Proactively maintain contact with enrolled clients at varying stages throughout the year. Sending emails about claims awareness, birthday greeting, and other issues that might concern them and their mortgages.






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