General Virtual Assistants



General Admin

Manage incoming emails, mail, faxes & message bank. Schedule appointments, meetings and events.



Data Entry

CRM, google sheet, excel and website data entry.


Responsible for responding to outbound and inbound written and phone enquiries.



Document Maintenance

Maintain and organise files in clients' data base.

Client Care

Respond to client enquiries, answer questions, and resolve any issues that may arise.



Financial Support

Prepare and maintain financial and business documentation.



Loan Application Servicing

Review loan applications and process approved loan requests.






Initiate client communication to introduce service and close deals.






Executive Assistants



Expense Management

Managing and documenting financial expenses.



Schedule Management

Managing appointments, meetings and other important events.

General Administration

Manage incoming emails, mail, faxes & message bank.




Assist with management reporting on a monthly basis or as required.


Making and receiving calls to and from clients and suppliers.



Data Entry

Preparing documents and other materials for reports and other business presentations.








Insurance Retention, Financial Planning Retention, and Mortgage Retention



Quality Assurance

Interpret and implement quality assurance standards.




Liaise with both clients and insurers for insurance applications