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"Each to their own but I love the VA Platinum operations team support, the recruitment process is very bespoke and the quality of candidates they find is excellent. I've hired Diane and Mary. I've found Brian's business, being smaller creates a great culture amongst the VA's which is why he is attracting so many to move over to him. They enjoy going to work! The enthusiasm and willingness to learn and develop skills (and provide for their families as the main breadwinner) eclipse what I've seen with Australian staff."

Justin Hyland

Justin Hyland

Senior Adviser & Director at Hyland Financial Planning website

"I can't tell you how amazing it is to have my staff member - Indy's help every day. It is truly making a big difference in my ability to get my work done and grow the business. Thank you so much!"

Karen Hall

Karen Hall

Director, 101 Things website

"We have been using VA Platinum’s Para-Planning and Client Services Staff for over 18 months, in that time not only have our wage bills come down – our workflow efficiencies increased exponentially. I would highly recommend the VA Platinum staff to anyone who was looking for a way to help increase efficiencies and cut down on the overall operational costs of their advice business.”

Devang Parikh

Devang Parikh

Founder & CEO at Click Insure website

"I've been working with Brian and VA Platinum as a client of his Philippines offshore staff... the virtual assistant he has provided me has been a wonderful addition to my team and I am consistently blown away by their professionalism and work ethic."

Lincoln Haugh

Lincoln Haugh

Founder & CEO at H2T Financial Services website

"..Some special mentions though. Tina picking us up from the airport and waiting around 3 hours to do so. She even went got us some Yakult for our sick stomachs. Barry organising the meeting room and setting it up along with having a welcome hamper for us and then also getting us some medication and Gatorades. Joy went out her way scanning and printing various things for us. We are so thankful for this and much more We are thrilled to be part of the VA team. There’s no wonder you guys are growing at the rate that you are. Keep up the good work. "

Mark Crowe

Mark Crowe

Senior Adviser & Director at Panorama Financial Services website

"Offshoring had sounded like a good idea for some time, but where to start? I'd put off any real consideration for years before I became a client of VA Platinum. With not so positive experiences in local outsourcing (I'm a control freak), I didn't really have complete faith in sending work to another country - I guess I went in with what I considered a 'realistic' expectation. At the time, I felt I was taking a leap of faith in Brian, through previous business dealings he'd earned some trust, so I was willing to 'give it a go'. Since that day I have never looked back... I cannot speak highly enough of the amazing team I have in Cebu; sourced, recommended, and employed through the VA Team. I've visited for personal training on a couple of occasions, and each of my Cebu team is now a core member of our business team, communicating with clients and other staff throughout every single day on all matters of our service delivery."

Ryan Gillespie

Ryan Gillespie

Senior Adviser & Director at Rocket Financial website

"...You quickly get a sense of a positive environment and a hard-working team at VA Platinum. Brian has built great rapport with the staff. I have been very happy with the output to date."

Harley West

Harley West

CEO at Spotter Financial (owned by Rate Detective) website

Specialised Expert Solutions

We offer expert back office solution in Financial Planning and Mortgage Broking industry.

Data & Privacy Policy Compliant

We work in a sterile environment, ensuring compliance to Data & Privacy Policy.

200+ Documented Process

We have over 200+ systems and templates you can utilise to organise your business processes.

Training Concierge

We have onsite performance coaches/concierge to assist you in training your staff.

Experienced Staff

Our superstar full-time dedicated staff have minimum work experience of 2 years.

Upgraded Technology

We use up to date technology to support your staff and track their productivity.

Monthly Payments with No Lock In

We arrange monthly payments and we offer contracts with No Lock Ins!




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Meet Mae!

Mae is an Audit & Compliance Officer for Spotter Finance.

Meet John!

John is a Client Services Officer from Rocket Financial.

Meet Que!

Que is a Mortgage Broking VA for ANSA Finance.

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Neil is a Client Services Support for Get Smart Financial Solutions.