We are not your average virtual assistant provider in the Philippines.
Everything we do focuses on being extraordinary. From our superstar staff to our business coaching services, our culture and impressive systems.

I used to work 72 hours a week, which left no time for the things I loved. Then I discovered the brilliance of offshoring. Now I get pumped at the thought that my virtual assistants are being productive in the business, while I’m free to work on the business and do the things I love – like running, fostering children, travelling, and most importantly, being a great dad and husband. Now I’m on mission to help business owners do the same – take back your time with the help of superstar virtual staff in the Philippines.

Our Goals

Our big life mission is to help business owners achieve their full potential – in business and in life. With a growing team of superstar virtual staff in the Philippines, we help business owners release the shackles, free up time and achieve their purpose. At the same time, we enable our staff in the Philippines to live a better life.

Leadership Team


Brian Jones


Ed Arguelles



Barry Lee

Operations Manager


Gee Paquibot

Finance Manager


Bianca Piano

Recruitment Lead


Andi Adonis

Digital Marketing Manager


Indy Noval

Senior Team Lead


Grethelle Aumentado

HR Specialist

Sales Team


Luke Mellar

Mortgage Broking Specialist


Michael Chew

Startups, Financial Planning & Accounting Specialist


Carolina Castillo

Financial Planning Specialist

Let’s make this simple. We’re here to help businesses like yours and we’ll identify quick smart if we’re a good fit for each other. So don’t be shy. You’ve got nothing to lose by hitting the button below and setting up a chat.

Happy Clients
Superstar Staff
Systems & Documents
  • "Offshoring had sounded like a good idea for some time, but where to start? I'd put off any real consideration for years before I became a client of VA Platinum. At the time, I felt I was taking a leap of faith in Brian, through previous business dealings he'd earned some trust, so I was willing to 'give it a go'. Since that day I have never looked back...."

    Ryan Gillespie
    Ryan Gillespie Senior Adviser & Director at Rocket Financial
  • "We have been using VA Platinum’s Para-Planning and Client Services Staff for over 18 months, in that time not only have our wage bills come down – our workflow efficiencies increased exponentially”

    Devang Parikh
    Devang Parikh Founder & CEO at Click Insure
  • "I've been working with Brian and VA Platinum as a client of his Philippines offshore staff... the virtual assistant he has provided me has been a wonderful addition to my team and I am consistently blown away by their professionalism and work ethic."

    Lincoln Haugh
    Lincoln Haugh Founder & CEO at H2T Financial Services
  • "...You quickly get a sense of a positive environment and a hard-working team at VA Platinum. Brian has built great rapport with the staff. I have been very happy with the output to date."

    Harley West
    Harley West CEO at Spotter Financial (owned by Rate Detective)

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