Staff Management

Sourcing and Recruitment

90% of applicants are sourced from internal referrals by existing staff which provides us with a clearer picture of each applicant along with a reasonable amount of background information. This ensures team members can work harmoniously together and are somewhat inclined to keep their referrals in check.

Training and Development

For new staff, we have developed a 2-week induction schedule that takes the employee through all the basic financial services, guidelines, and the different processes specific to their role. We also have a shadowing/mentoring program in place that gives new hires crucial insight on-the-job as well as real-time coaching from existing staff.

Salaries and Wages

Using the same software below we calculate payroll hours and integrate it with a money transfer system which allows us to transfer payments with ease.

Tracking and Monitoring

We use a software which makes it easy for us and you to see how your staff are spending their time.