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2-Week Paid
Christmas Break

5-Step Hiring Process

Expert Recruitment team in the Philippines with a 5 step hiring process for aspiring Virtual Assistants in Cebu City

Resume Screening

Once you send us your application, we will review your information, background and experience. A detailed resume will help us identify your qualifications, strengths, and the industry that suits you best.

Pre-Employment Assessment

This involves aptitude exams targeting English proficiency, numerical reasoning, Microsoft suite programs, & personality. it’s a chance to showcase your ability for multi-tasking, attention to detail, & written communication. The test takes roughly an hour and a half and is recorded via Loom.

Recruiter Interview

Once you pass your exams, you will undergo a behavioural and skills-specific interview that will guide you in outlining the role that is best for you.

Business Development
Manager Interview

This is a 30-minute culture-based interview with a fantastic Australian counterpart who knows the clients best. They will help you start and shape your career with us alongside key people in Operations.

Client Interview

The most exciting part! This is when you’ll meet your potential client through a 30-minute Zoom video interview. Joining you will be the Business Development Manager and senior recruiter who assisted you in the recruitment process. TIP: Dress to impress!

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HMO Day 1w/ Dental

Free Cooked

Free Overflowing



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Extensive Training

Great Clients

Superb Office

Wonderful Team

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What Our VAs Say About Us

Reysheil Ledesma Executive Assistant

I couldn't thank you enough for your continuous support. I'm glad I found VAP as I am very happy with my job right now and with the people I'm working with. Thanks to everyone from the VAP team who's been behind me all throughout my EA journey. This job wouldn't be easier without your utmost support and guidance.

Niña Marielle Castellano Digital Marketing Specialist

As the cliche goes, 'there's always a rainbow after the rain.' VAP is that colorful arc in the sky for me. Working here for 2 years with amazing people and a management that cares has been splendid! The secret as to why most of us chose and stayed with VAP is because we can sleep soundly at night. Especially weekends.

Michelle Bagares Digital Marketing Specialist

My tenure as a Digital Marketing Specialist at VA Platinum has been remarkable, offering immediate HMO access for my family and nurturing management that fosters positivity for all employees. VA Platinum stands out with extra benefits like two weeks of paid leave in December, free dependents in the HMO plan, and engaging activities. It's not just a workplace; it's a caring community that values employees, making it a fulfilling place to grow professionally.

Glad Siega Financial Planning VA

I'm not saying that working in VAP is a perfect experience... Well, if you don't consider morning shift, finishing by 3 and still having some time for yourself, perfect. Plus you get to have weekends off and a 2 weeks paid holiday on December. But on a serious note, I'm grateful to VAP for helping me achieve a work-life balance without the expense of my career growth. I love that my job enables me to love and enjoy my other passions in life.

Jemmuel Man-on Digital Marketing Specialist

I am grateful to be part of VA Platinum. I think this is a company that truly gives importance to the welfare of its employees. The management always reaches out to us and makes sure that we're okay and not overworked.

Kinley Alegrado Mortgage Broker-Virtual Assistant

After being unemployed for 9 months due to the pandemic, God has led me to VA Platinum. I am very happy to be a part of VAP as this is the only company where I feel that I am Home. I am comfortable with the people I work with and everyone is treated as family. In times of crisis (Typhoon Oddette) VAP was there to lend a helping hand and opened their doors to those who needed help. The leaders of VAP always make sure that we have a work and life balance.

Mike Angelo Mortgage Broking Virtual Assistant

VA Platinum is an excellent place to grow and develop both professionally and personally. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to learn and strengthen my inherent skill sets. I also have the utmost respect for the company for always making sure that we are well taken care of. I am well compensated and the company also promotes work-life balance. I can easily brag about my 7:30am to 4:30pm work schedule and fixed weekends off, which makes me feel like a normal human being, as well as our paid holidays and the incredibly great 2 weeks paid Christmas break. Such an amazing workplace and I'm really proud to be a part of this exceptional company.

Applicant Frequently Asked Questions

We prefer candidates with at least 2 years of work experience in US or Australian companies or with US or Australian clients. For those who haven’t graduated yet, we require a minimum of 2 years college experience.

A university degree is a plus but not a strict requirement. If you have a minimum 2 years of college experience plus 2 years of relevant work experience in US or Australian markets, you are eligible for consideration.

All our clients require past work experience. So, if you’re a fresh graduate who happens to have prior and applicable experience in US or Australian companies, you can send us your application.

Yes, we do. As long as you have obtained a minimum of 2 years working experience, preferably in administrative type of roles. Nonetheless, we encourage you to forward your resume so our team can further review.

Our non-negotiable requirements include:

• Stable Internet Connection (at least 10 Mbps)

• Laptop or Computer with Webcam

• Prefers Cebu residents but our Job Ads will advise if the hiring is open to outside-Cebu candidates

We go by the specific requirements and preferences of the clients.

You will be catered to as long as you meet the basic qualifications we are looking for on a designated post.

VA Platinum is an offshore service provider and operates differently than BPOs. As a Virtual Assistant, you’ll provide direct assistance to the client you’ll be appointed to.

A virtual assistant is someone who provides remote (long distance) assistance and support to a business owner (client). You could either be an all-rounder VA, providing support across different areas of your client’s business, or a specialist VA providing your services on specialised tasks. You may either be your client’s sole VA or be part of a team of VAs under one client.

Our clients are mainly in the following industries:


• Financial Planning
• Mortgage Broking
• Accounting and Bookkeeping
• Digital Marketing
• eCommerce
• IT and Start-Ups

… and many more

We only offer full-time positions.

Since the start of the pandemic, we have allowed a temporary work-from-home set-up. However, we are working on slowly returning back to the office and possibly setting up satellite offices in several locations to minimise travel time and COVID exposure. In any future decision we make with regards to this, we will continue to abide by Cebu City’s restrictions and mandate.

Part of the non-negotiable requirements when applying is having your own internet connection so a temporary work-from-home set-up can be possible. A subsidy for internet or electricity usage is not going to be covered by the company as we believe we offer a competitive package that’s higher than the usual market rate.

Our office remains open to those having challenges with the internet or electricity.

Definitely. HMO is offered on day 1 to all successful hires.

Majority of the businesses we support are in Australia which has a time zone that is not much different from the Philippines. Therefore, all VAs working for Australian clients will have a day shift.

Our business days are fixed from Monday to Friday, which means your weekends are guaranteed rest days.

You will observe the same AU public holidays similar to that of your client’s. Since we follow our client’s holidays, you will have to work during PH holidays and will be paid a premium.


We offer a 2-week paid holiday break from Christmas to New Year. Should you be asked by your client to work within this break period and you agree, you will be paid a premium.

Yes, we offer vacation leave and sick leave.

We advocate work and life balance; therefore, our vacation leave is not convertible to cash. Staff are encouraged to take advantage of their vacation leave. Unused credits are carried over to the next year except for sick leave.

We offer sign-on bonuses every now and then depending on the roles we’re hiring. Yes, they are taxable.

The salary package will depend on your background, work experience, and qualifications aligning with the role we’re recruiting you for.

Our main office is in IT Park, Cebu.

Exact address: 11F eBloc 5 Inez Villa St., Cebu IT Park, Cebu City, PH 6000

And another one in 6F Avenir, Archbishop Reyes Ave, Cebu City

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