How we Help


✓ Build and maintain relationships with your clients

✓ Manage your client inquiries and correspondence

✓ Foresee your clients’ insurance needs, such as policy amendments

✓ Assist in insurance policy applications

✓ Manage client’s lapsed payments & dishonour status

✓ Assist the client with any claim request on their policies

✓ Keep relevant records and update client information


✓ Prepare new or update an existing fact find for superannuation

✓ Contact clients for documents/forms

✓ Process investment purchase, switch and sell down

✓ Process rollovers

✓ Prepare and send client invoices using Xero or manually

✓ Prepare market comparisons

✓ Assist in preparation for tax return and compliance reporting


✓ Update client paper and electronic files, ensuring that they are compliant

✓ Completing, checking, submitting and processing the necessary application forms

✓ Prepare basic SoA’s such as life insurance only and superannuation rollovers (for a strategy based SoA’s we can establish a relationship for you with specialised SoA paraplanners)

✓ Prepare Record of Advice

✓ Enter client data into financial planning software

✓ Liaise with fund managers, administrators and life companies regarding client’s financial situation

✓ Assist with research into client recommendations


✓ Advice Prep

– Call existing super funds to collect information

– Prepare the SoA and rollover paperwork

– Enter the information into ClearDocs to prepare the required documentation

– Collate the documentation, review it for accuracy, provide to adviser or client via soft copy

– Perhaps prepare the investment strategy using the client’s Risk Profile

✓  Implementation

– Standard rollover and insurance processes

– Implement required trades

– Provide updates to other advisers as necessary

– Email compliance information

✓ Ongoing

– Portfolio reviews

– Insurance reviews

– Contribution tracking

– Providing information to the administrator/accountant as required



✓ Manage incoming emails, faxes and message bank
✓ Schedule appointments, meetings and events


✓ CRM, Google Sheets, Excel and
website data entry


✓ Maintain and organise files
in clients’ database


✓ Responsible for responding to outbound and
inbound written and phone enquiries


✓ Prepare and maintain financial
and business documentation


✓ Respond to client enquiries, answer questions,
and resolve any issues that may arise

Our Specialists

Brian Jones

Virtual Staff Expert | Work & Life Balance Enthusiast

Brian’s mission is to give back freedom to business owners with the help of superstar virtual staff in the Philippines.

Carolina Castillo

Financial Planning Expert Coach

Carolina is here to help financial planners find the best virtual staff and on-going support to leverage a tangible competitive advantage.

Johnny Ng

Financial Planning Expert 

Johnny’s goal is to help Australian Financial Advisers achieve their growth potential with the help of specially trained virtual assistants.

Kirsten Galvin

Financial Planning Expert Coach

Kirsten has a passion for transforming your business into how you always dreamed it could be by helping you tap into the power of virtual assistants.

Meet Superstar Financial Planning Virtual Assistants

Happy Clients
Superstar Staff
Systems & Documents
  • "Offshoring had sounded like a good idea for some time, but where to start? I'd put off any real consideration for years before I became a client of VA Platinum. At the time, I felt I was taking a leap of faith in Brian, through previous business dealings he'd earned some trust, so I was willing to 'give it a go'. Since that day I have never looked back...."

    Ryan Gillespie
    Ryan Gillespie Senior Adviser & Director at Rocket Financial
  • "I've been working with Brian and VA Platinum as a client of his Philippines offshore staff... the virtual assistant he has provided me has been a wonderful addition to my team and I am consistently blown away by their professionalism and work ethic."

    Lincoln Haugh
    Lincoln Haugh Founder & CEO at H2T Financial Services
  • "...You quickly get a sense of a positive environment and a hard-working team at VA Platinum. Brian has built great rapport with the staff. I have been very happy with the output to date."

    Harley West
    Harley West CEO at Spotter Financial (owned by Rate Detective)

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